Saltwater Fly Fishing Vacation

Now that winter has hit in most of the northern states and the rivers and streams are frozen or starting to freeze, many of us have to look elsewhere for our fishing pleasures. If you happen to have time to take a vaction over the upcoming holiday seasons or perhaps during spring break you might consider a saltwater fly fishing vacation. I've never personally done any saltwater fishing and can't give you much advice in respects to the equipment needed or the locations to take your saltwater fly fishing trip but if you are interested in saltwater fishing florida you might check out this new blog. I hear fly fishing for bonefish can be seriously addicting, so make sure to plan your fly fishing vacation for several trips out on the flats.

Another alternative would be to take a fly fishing vacation cruise to the tropics, where you can do some fly fishing at the ports instead of just laying on the beach getting skin cancer. I've considered this as an option but my wife seems to think if we take a cruise there is not place in it for fly fishing. I just have to do some more work on getting her to enjoy a day in the water fishing as much as I do.