Fly Tying For Beginners | Fly Tying Video

I know ive neglected to cover much about fly tying and learning how to tie flies in the developement of this blog. But I do have a full time job and keeping regular posts that have some value to both the fly fishing beginner and fly tier has been difficult. In previous posts I discussed the various tools required for fly tying and a list of basic fly tying materials. Over the last few weeks I've been looking for ways to bring more fly tying for beginner related material into my fly fishing for beginners coverage. I have been fortunate enought to find a whole series of free fly tying video lessons that anyone can follow along and master fly tying.
This first video is about tying a "Buzzer" Tying the Buzzer requires a fly tying vise, fly hook sz 10-12, scissors, bobbin holder, black fly tying thread , medium silver wire, fly tying varnish, and a needle or bodkin to apply the fly tying varnish. I hope you enjoy the video and learn as much as I did. This is one of the easiest flies to start with as a beginning fly tier.

Most all of the components required for this fly tying lesson are available in most beginner fly tying kits, including the fly vise, scissors, fly tying materials and hooks. If you don't already have the necessary fly tying materials you might consider shopping ebay for a nice used fly tying kit or inexpensive beginners fly tying kit.

Fly Fishing Gear | Father's Day

Father's Day is another of those wonderful holiday's all beginning fly fisherman should look forward too. Sorry Ladies you had your day already. Now is the time to fill all your fly fishing equipment dreams. Shoot for the moon. Do you want a new top of the line Orvis fly fishing rod and reel? Perhaps your in need of a new pair of lightweight waders for the summer fishing. For me its a time to upgrade my fly tying vice and get a few more fly fishing and tying tools I don't have. Next to Christmas, Father's day is the second best day of the year for Dads. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask for a fly fishing combo, wading shoe, or fillet knife, no gift is too large or small. :)

Now in return for this day of gratitude from your kids you must return the favor and pass on your love and knowledge of the timeless sport of fly fishing. If you haven't already taken the time to teach your children how to fly fish, Father's Day is the perfect time to introduce them to the wonderful pastime. Heck if the wife or girl friend hasn't learned the art of fly fishing take them along too. Fly fishing isn't just about conquering that huge brown trout with your high tech fly fishing equipment, It's about sharing and enjoying the experience that fly fishing brings.

Here's hoping that on June 15th not only do you dads get all the fly fishing gear you have been lacking, but also that you pass along your love for the sport. If fly fishing isn't your Father's thing you can't go wrong buying something for the grill. The Grill Daddy For a unique Fathers Day gift seems to be a hot item.