Fly Fishing Equipment Clearance Everywhere

I spent yesterday afternoon running around town doing a bit of shopping to replace some of my older fly fishing equipment. I couldn't believe the amount of fly fishing rods and reels I found already marked down on clearance. I ended up buying two new fly rods, a fly reel and a new pair of wading shoes. I looks like the stores are marking down fly fishing equipment early this year and getting ready for the hunting season. If you are a fly fishing beginner looking for bargins this is a good time of year to snatch up some really cheap fly fishing rods and reels.

In my area the bargins were especailly prevelant as the stores have started stocking more fly fishing gear during the spring. It seems fly fishng in my town has started gaining popularity. The number of fly fishing items on clearance means they were either over priced early in the season or that they overestimated the numbers when they placed their fly fishing equipment orders. Either way it really paid off for me. I'm not much for buying new fly fishing gear every year but I always take advantage of clearance prices to replace fly line, leaders, tippets and other regular fly fishing equipment. Check your local shops you might find some real bargins too.

Dont over look the tying supplies if you think you'd like to get started tying flies over the winter or need to replace existing equipment.