Fly Fishing Equipment Stores Holding Sales

I don't know how many of you subscribe to Bass Pro, Gander Mountain or Cabellas but I've been noticing a lot of clearance ads hitting my email box lateley. I can only imagine the economy has been hitting these fishing equipment shops pretty hard. Christmas sales for most stores was way below normal and I'm sure Bass Pro, Orvis and many of the other more popular sporting goods shops had the same problem.

If you aren't an active member of any of these fishing equipment dealers I suggest you atleast sign up for their newsletters and specials. Dont use your regualar email address, I have one that I only use to sign up for free fishing deals and fly fishing shops to get their ads and online deal notifications. Bass Pro is one of my favorites as they dont cater to primarily fly fisherman so often you can find excellent clearance deals on their White Rivers, Sage and Redington fly rods and reels. Cabellas also has regular sales on their house brand Cabellas fly fishing equipment. I'm sure Orvis while usually not as inexpensive has some good deals going on as well since they announched their new Spring 2009 fly fishing equipment.

Dont think just because your buddies all brag about their expensive hand crafted rods and reels that you have to go out and do the same. With today's economy and everyone trying to save a buck take the time to shop around for your fly fishing equipment. The online vendors like Bass Pro, Cabellas and Gander all have clearance outlets and sections on their sites where they list their discontiued and marked down fly gear.


Anonymous said...

nice article. Right after i read it i took my crud email account and subscribed to several powerhouse fishing store that you mentioned. Hopefully i will get some good prices

J.Dean said...

I agree, great advice for those of us looking to save $$ and continue to enjoy our sport.

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