Fly Fishing Gear | Prepare For Spring

If you’re like me you cant wait till the winter weather breaks so you can get back to your fly-fishing. During these colder weather periods is the ideal time to gather up your fly fishing gear and get it ready to go for spring. This is the time your can identify if you need to replace anything or need to buy something extra. Before you go out and buy expensive fly fishing gear from Orvis, Bass Pro Shops or some other high end bait and tackle shop, give eBay a try. In most area's this is the off-season and there are many eBay sellers out there that bought up clearance items and off loading them on eBay. This is the time to get some great bargains on your fly lines, flies, waders etc. I ran across this fly fishing supply site the other day while I was doing my shopping. Its nothing fancy but the guy has several custom eBay searches specifically targeting fly-fishing. Check it out if you like. Don’t forget to check your local sporting goods stores for bargains as well. This is the time of year they are setting up their new selection of fly fishing gear for the up coming season. You can get excellent buys on last years model fly rods and reels. Don’t wait until spring to prepare for the season, that's when you should be on the river not in the store.


Daltonsbriefs said...

Can a person fly fish in the winter? I think I have a friend, who is an avid fly fisherman who goes up to Michigan and fishes in the winter? Sound plausible?

He regularly talkes about the "hex hatch" which I think takes place in early spring? What's the scoop

gotafish said...

A lot of people fish around the St. Joe around South Bend during winter. Fly fishing during winter months is tough when dealing with ice but is definately possible. I will be heading out this month I'm sure.