Fly Fishing Gear For Beginners| Fly Fishing Gear Overlooked

In several of my previous post I have mentioned various types of fly fishing gear that are a must for the beginner. In my haste to create a valuable list of this gear, I overlooked two very important pieces of gear that are essential for all fly fisherman.

1. The fly-fishing vest- Why is this so important do you ask?

Answer: fly fishing in a stream often requires wading from hole to another in search of that trophy trout. You can’t very well do this if you keep running back to
shore to grab your tackle box. Having a fly vest allows you the ability to carry all the necessities on your person to keep you mobile. Extra leader, tippets, net, fly box stocked with the appropriate assortment of flies, pliers, etc.... You get the picture.

2. A wading belt - Why do I need a belt if I have shoulder straps?

Answer: Have you ever tried to fetch your pliers from the foot of your waders after you carelessly dropped them inside your waders? I know this sounds crazy but anyone who has been fly fishing for long has dropped something down his or her waders. If you had your wading belt on it would prevent this from happening. In addition to this nice convenience this often overlooked piece of fly fishing gear can save your life. How is that possible you ask? It will help to keep air trapped inside and water out for that occasion where you step without looking and plunge in over your head. It helps keep you floating instead of sinking like a rock. Nothing ruins a good day of fishing like drowning!!!

Like many of the different types of fly fishing gear I have discussed on this site, these too can be purchased second hand via eBay or garage sales, often on clearance at local shops, or if you feel froggy from a high priced fly fishing shop. In closing let me apologize for not mentioning these often overlooked pieces of fly fishing gear in my earlier fly fishing tips for beginners.


Kristine said...

My Dad fly fishes a lot and I've never heard him say he dropped something down his waders. Of course, that may be because he won't tell me that he did. Maybe I should buy him a wading belt for his birthday, just in case.

By the way, I've added you to the Outdoor Bloggers Summit Supporter Blogroll. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you keep coming back.

gotafish said...

Ok so maybe I'm the only idiot that has done that, lol. had my wallet fall down to boot in my wader once was a real pain.