Fly Fishing Gear For Beginners | Ways to learn and Improve

I began this site with the idea in mind that everyone think a lot like I do. Guess what! I was wrong. In some of my earlier Fly Fishing For Beginner articles, I mentioned my distaste for reading directions and prefer to learn as I go. Many beginners don't necessarily like this Idea so here are some suggestions on other ways to learn and improve upon your fly fishing.

1. Join a club. In every area where you can fly fish there is almost always a local fly fishing or fly tying club that offers beginner classes. Most of these clubs meet once a month to discuss various fly fishing gear and techniques. They will also usually hold several group fly fishing outings. These fly fishing trips are an excellent place to learn from more experienced fishermen, that have a desire to share their knowledge. I learned from my father, sort of a 1 man club :)

2. Hire a guide. Most fishing guides offer both instructional sessions and guided fly fishing trips that are bound to be successful. Depending on your area the prices will vary greatly. If you are fortunate to live in an area where fly fishing streams and lakes are plentiful then chances are you can find a guide for a fairly inexpensive price. Before booking a lesson check to see if they provide the gear or if you need to bring your own.

3. Plan a vacation. There are hordes of fly fishing lodges, camps and vacation destinations throughout the US and Canada. If you are planning a vacation why not make it one where you can both learn the art of fly fishing and get some quality time away from work. If you plan a fly fishing vacation several lodges and resorts offer not only fly fishing lessons but the use of their gear as well. This might be an expensive way to learn but I guarantee you'll enjoy the memories for years to come. There's nothing quite like fly fishing in Canada or taking a Smoky Mountain vacation.

However you decide to learn or improve your fly fishing is up to you. The main goal is to enjoy the sport. Don't get so wrapped up in technique and results like many golfers that your ruin the experience. Fly fishing is a time to relax, enjoy nature and share time with fellow fisherman. Hopefully, someday you will have learned enough you can teach the next fly fishing beginner.



Very good tips! Nice blog! I love it!
BTW, you are very welcome to use my photos! It is a honor to me! Take care.


gotafish said...

excellent, I'll let you know when I use one and make sure to give you credit. Thanks for stopping by the site