Fly Fishing Waders Choosing The Right Kind

Do I need Waders? Simple and direct answer to that is Yes unless you want to get your feet wet. As a beginner at fly fishing, once you get past the stage of practicing at farm ponds and, are ready to tackle a river or stream, waders become a necessity. Most of the time the banks along streams, creeks and rivers are too overgrown with brush to allow for bank casting.

This is another category of fly-fishing equipment that you can start out with something inexpensive from your local retailer. Most of them light weight vinyl waders you can use with an old pair of boots or tennis shoes. These typically cost less than $15.00. They definitely aren’t much to look at and wont do much to keep you warm, but they will keep you dry. My suggestion is if you have the money buy a pair of neoprene fly fishing chest waders, usually can be found for around $50.00. If its off-season most retail stores will have them on clearance.

Most of the time while you are wading you will only be knee deep in water. However, there is the occasional deep area you may need to cross to get to that sweet spot in the stream. Definitely don’t waste your money on hip waders if your fishing in deeper streams. Invest in a quality pair of fishing waders that are chest high.

Make sure when you buy a set of waders to pay special attention to the care and cleaning of them. The manufacture should have full instructions on the proper way to store and care for them. A common mistake many begginer fly fishermen make is to throw them in the back of the storage shed and forget about them until its time to use them again. That's a sure way to guarantee you'll get wet next time you take them out to the stream.


Alex said...

always go for the best pair waders you can afford. Nothing worse then getting your feet froze off. I personally like light weight canvas waders but I live in a fairly warm climate.

JayP said...

I can usually find great deals on fly fishing waders at my local Rural King or TSC. Thare are often overlooked places to buy fishing waders and you can find them on clearance pretty often