Fly Fishing For Beginners | Where To Fish

All fly fishing beginners need to know where to look for the fish. There are three key places to look for fish in a stream.

1. Undercut banks - This is where the water has worn away the underside of the bank leaving an area out of the current and sun where the fish can hide. Often these undercut banks create very deep pockets and can hold some big fish.

2. Behind large rocks, logs or other objects in the water. The current will wrap around the sides of these objects and create a deep pocket behind the rock or log. This creates a place where the fish can wait in ambush of prey floating past without having to fight against the current.

3. Just outside of the main current. Look at the flow of the stream and river and you can easily spot the path of the main current. Fish will hold up just outside this main flow in little pockets or pools. This also provides a nice ambush location for the fish as well as a deeper area for them to hide.

Make sure you wear some polarized glasses when you go out to the stream and try to locate fish in these areas. Then cast you fly just upstream of these locations and let them float into the key area just like natural prey would. Often times a single hole or pocket will hold several fish so even if you land one don’t abandon the location until you've fully fished it. Even though you’re a beginner at fly fishing you shouldn’t have much trouble if you fish these types of areas.

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