Fly Fishing Gear For Beginners| The Fly

Ok now that you have the basic fly rod and reel for the beginner, you need to find something to fish with. There are two basic types of flies and each has multiple sub categories. I'll leave all the sub categories of flies for you to discover on your own or I'll post about them late. The two basic types are Dry flies and wet flies. The dry fly is designed for top water fishing. Wet flies are flies that sink to the bottom at various different rates. Knowing which fly to use is going to take some trial and error on your part, but careful observation at your fishing hole will make your choice easier. The typical fly fishing beginner will just grab a fly, tie it on and go at it. While this is great for practicing we do want to eventually catch some fish. As I stated in previous articles try starting at your local farm pond fishing for pan fish and small bass. During early morning and late evening these can be easily caught using the dry fly. During warmer parts of the day or during bad weather you might want to try using a dry fly. Your local retail store is a good place to start for finding the right flies for beginners. They will typically have a couple types of dial-a-fly packs to choose from. Grab one with dry flies and one with wet flies. Also grab a few pan fish poppers these can be great fun to fish with as you will get to see some bass and larger gills hit the top water in frenzy. Experiment with all the various types and see what works best in your location. You will find that gills and small bass arent all that picky about what they eat and you should be landing fish in no time. In additon to your local Wal-mart, you can find good prices on bulk quantities of flies through eBay. So you beginners at fly fishing get out there and catch a few. Remember catch and release will provide great fishing for generations to come.

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