Fly Fishing For Beginners | Common Fly Fishing Questions

Fly Fishing For Beginners has been receiving several questions from fly fishing beginners. Last week I listed some common fly fishing mistakes, today I'll cover a couple of the most common fly fishing questions I've been getting.

1. What is the best fly fishing combo. I've discussed in several of my initial articles that it's not the equipment that makes the fisherman its the technique. If you spend time to learn the basics correctly you will be able to use any fly fishing equipment effectively. Some companies that make decent starter fly rods and reels are Martin, Shakespeare, Crystal Creek. These can usually be purchased at local retail stores and tackle shops. If you have the money and want to purchase a more durable fly fishing combo, Cabelas and Orvis both make excellent beginner fly fishing combos for around $100.00.

2. Do i need waders? - No, waders are not an absolute necessity but if you plan on fishing in streams and rivers with colder water I would highly recommend them. Make sure and get a pair the fit properly. Waders that don't fit properly will create trip hazards, cause rubbing, blisters and fatigue. You want to enjoy your time on the stream not feel like you ran a marathon.

3. Can I fly fish from a boat? Absolutely, I often take my Jon boat out to local lakes and ponds for a day of fishing. Fishing from a boat requires good casting skills to keep everyone safe. Fly fishing a lake or pond also requires learning to read the water to determine where the fish are hiding. This will all depend upon what type of fish your after, read up on the habitat your particular prey likes.

4. What time of day is best? First, fly fishing can be done at anytime of day if you know what type of cover the fish your after likes. Most will have the best luck fishing in early to mid morning and late afternoon to dusk. Another key factor in when to fly fish is the hatch. Learn your area and when the types of insects hatch. Matching your fly to the current hatch will result in much better fly fishing results. Another good time to fly fish is right before or after a weather change like a thunderstorm.

I hope this answers some of Fly Fishing For Beginners questions and I'll be happy to answer others as they come up. Now its time to go fishing. I'll catch you all later.

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