Fly Fishing For Beginners | What Is The Best Bait To Use

Many people visiting this site are looking for tips on the best bait to use to catch a trout. Well many fly-fishing purists wont like this but good old worms and night crawlers have passed the test of time to be the best bait for trout, bass and all sorts of pan fish. Yeah I know we have all spent tons of money on fancy dry and wet flies, and lures of various types but sometimes we would be better of just throwing a worm on a hook. I’ve often seen guys fishing for trout using canned corn and they swear by it. I’m not sure if the corn is an imitation of a natural bait or if trout farms have conditioned fish to look for corn.

The best answer for this question though is the bait that catches the fish. I don’t care what you use if your catching fish you have the right bait. Taking time to scout the stream or lake for signs of insects, minnows and other living trout or bass prey is your best bet in deciding which fly to use. If your not seeing any top water activity why would you tie on a popper or dry fly? Learning to read the signs nature gives you is one of the key ingredients in choosing the right fly or bait for your fly fishing trip. Learning how to match your flies to what nature is offering the fish is one of the fun parts about fly-fishing in my opinion. I like to think of it as a chess match with the trout. Can I outwit my opponent and fool him into taking an artificial fly instead of natural bait? When you do finally find the right combination of fly and presentation the satisfaction you get from landing that trout will make the whole game worth it.
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