Fly Fishing Gear | Best Time To Buy

If you are looking to add more to your fly fishing gear collection. Now is a great time to start thinking about it. Anytime the economy is taking a down turn, retail outlets start trying to drive business by having sales, marking down prices on less popular items, and adding high margin items to clearance.

In addition to retail companies marking down prices on fly fishing gear, this is a great time to start shopping garage sales and auctions. Anytime the gas prices sky rocket and economy gets weak there are people stuck in a position to sell off their unnecessary hobby items. I know its terrible that someone should get in this type of position but it happens everyday. Take this opportunity to help them out and buy their used fly fishing gear or fly tying equipment from eBay, local auctions or garage sales. I'm not telling you to go in and haggle with the guy to the point your ripping him off but if you can get a good piece of fly fishing equipment at a nice discount take the opportunity and buy it.

With spring weather slowly starting to show up, garage sales will become more and more common. Check out your local newspaper for any listing fishing or fly fishing equipment. I've bought plenty of fly rods and reel not to mention complete fly tying kits at garage sales that were like brand new. Many people take up fly tying and fly fishing and realize it's not for them and eventually sell off their equipment. Higher dollar items like fishing boats are often easy to find at huge discounts anytime the economy gets weak like this, so keep your eyes peeled for those bargains.

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